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Twogether Mentoring is an organisation that focuses on providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds within the UK, with support through tailored mentoring and coaching from professionals. Our mentees receive weekly mentoring sessions with their mentors over their selected time period. We offer one month, three months, six months and 12 months mentoring programme.

Our Vision
To guarantee young adults in the UK have access to mentors, who will go above and beyond to empower and build the next generation of champions across our global community.

Our Mission
At Twogether our mission is to ensure individuals aged 18+ have access to support and guidance. ‘Unlocking Potential and Raising Champions’ encapsulates what Twogether plans to do as an organisation. Our main objective is to be the key which unlocks many opportunities for disadvantaged communities. We intend to build and develop a diverse community filled with talented and successful young champions, who are thriving in both their professional and personal lives. Our credibility and integrity are the foundations towards developing an open and trustworthy relationship between mentors and mentees, which is integral for building a strong and united community.

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Generation Unlucky: They really can’t catch a break with rise in unemployment rates and exam grade lunacy.


With Covid-19 changing the lives of the younger generation in a drastic way, this has led to disruptions across the board. From schools closing and resulting to online classes, A-levels exam results chaos and university graduations being postponed. The un-employment rates between the ages of 16-24 has increased and it’s heart-breaking to see the affects this has had towards the younger generation. According to figures published on Office of National Statistics in July 2020, 537,700 people aged 16-24 claimed unemployment related benefits. This was an increase of 296,000 claimants, or 122%, from March 2020, when the UK lockdown began. Furthermore, the unemployment rate for 16-24 year olds in full-time education was 18.2%, compared to its 11.0% for those not in full-time education.


Young people aren’t only struggling to seek employment but are facing disruptions even throughout their academic careers. The A-Level fiasco was a clear indication of postcode discrimination. With the government proposing to use an algorithm to predict pupil’s grades, this clearly wasn’t going to bode well with the pupils as chances of attending their dream universities were in the hands of the algorithm. Many students and their relatives took to social media to express their outrage. According to Ofqual, 35% of students' grades dropped by one and 3% of students' grades dropped by two. The algorithm faced severe backlash with Prime Minster Boris Johnson removing a senior civil servant in the Department of Education. Gavin Williamson however still remains as Education Secretary.


As a result, their mental health has widely been affected; but for some reason the government haven’t really done much about it, other than confuse young people even more. Twogether Mentoring was born to ensure situations such as the following are being called and constantly advising schools and education bodies to ensue young people’s futures aren’t scrutinised regardless of ethnicity, race and social class.

Written by Sagal Mohamed

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